adding something to rust.

Hi, well, I don’t know if everybody going to agree with me. But, I think RUST should add like Uhm… More horror things. Things which will attack you from no where and will creep the hell out of you. Just like “The Forest” [If someone knows the game] I think they should make RUST bit but not a lot horrorly. Could be helpful to the game and can be really nice addition to the game in my point of view.

Oh Hell Naah.

Just asking, why not though, its could be a good idea nad put some effort in rust. It worked in The Forest, why it won’t work in rust? maybe even rust could use some lighting things and stuff that creep.

Did you read the last few devblogs? There was concept art of gross looking mutated animals and a big foot like mutant. Some time in the future the horror will arrive.

Nakeds pulling out Shotguns out of nowhere are making the best jumpscares I ever had.

Yes, I couldn’t agree more!

Like this?