Adding sounds to a server

hello, i am currently renting a gmod server and was wondering where i would put sound files/music for use with wire sound emitters and e2.

yes its through ftp

LALALALALLAlalallalala!!!LALALALA!!! blah blah bLAH!!!

this is not what i am looking for, im talking about a few mp3s. Not like 2 gigs of maps. There has to be a way to force the client to download these mp3s. If anyone has any information i would GREATLY appreciate it!

Use Exosounds

To use the Exosounds-Addon you just have to do some easy steps:

#1 Install it like an ordinary addon.

#2 Put sounds you like into the "garrysmod/addons/exosounds/sound/exosounds" folder.
   It's the "sound/exosounds" folder in the addon.

#3 Rename it with that word you later want to type into the chat or have it in the panel, 
   for example: 
   Basshunter - Boten Anna.wav >>rename>> botenanna.wav. You have to type botenanna 
   into the chat.

   Or you just press 'Q', go to 'utilities' >> 'ComodoFox' >> 'Exosounds'

Thanks Greza, its nice to know some people take the time to help others in today’s society.