Adding spawn menu creation tabs?

I would love to see a commented example or really anything on adding spawnmenu creation tabs. (Also to the Americans reading this, Happy Turkey Day!)

for what gamemode?

The most straightforward thing to do is to open the sandbox gamemode’s files and see how it’s done for yourself. They are located in garrysmod.gcf and you need GCFScape to open it.

It’s for my own gamemode in which I derive from sandbox

I tried this but I can’t seem to make since of it that’s why I would love your guys help

i never really tweaked the spawn menu, im guessing take the cl_unit.lua from gamemodes/sandbox and figure out the rest your self, i preffer to do things myself rather than being spoon fed, since this is simple enough, you shouldnt have probably

I’ve already figured out where in the sandbox gamemode it is (for reference its in gamemode/spawnmenu/creationmenu) but like I said I don’t understand it and would like some help