Adding Specular and Detail map to models and number counter

So i wanna finish off my halo 3 sweps and i wanna add a Specular and detail map if it’s possible, to try and match it as much as possible to halo 3, i’m not sure if gmod uses detail maps but if it does that would be awesome in finishing off my sweps,but do i add the specular map to the model in 3ds max or in the Vmt file.

Also i would like to know how to do a number counter as well for the assault rifle and battlerifle, i know it can be done i just haven’t see any tutorials on it.

the last thing i wanna know is, is there a tutorial for creating Huds in gmod.

thanks in advance to anyone who peoples me out.

VMT file, and usually into the alpha of the normal map

As wraithcat stated its all work of VMT files.

Here’s an example of a “specular” map inside of source.

$envmap env_cubemap
$envmapmask “Texture_Spec”

specular textures in source are based on cubemaps make sure that the map your testing your testing your models in has them

As for a detail map i think your refering to the normal map?
in that case heres an example of a normal map command.

$bumpmap “Texture_Normal”

Though some versions of source do not allow specular and normal maps combined together.

As for the number counter, you can try creating a custom shader with fancy stuff in it
Or you can make it using the vmt commands but im not too sure about making it count to post an example.

GMod supports normal maps and specular maps combined and that is all that matters to Corra_Ashu.

Thats why i said some versions…

Actually no source version supports seperate specular and normal maps. If you have a normal map the specular has to be either in the alpha of the base texture or the normal map texture.

For the record, you probably want phong more than envmapping.

thanks guys for the help, it’ll help me get these done faster and getting them as close to the halo 3 look as i can, but when i talked about detail map i was talking about this

bungie started using them in the halo 3 engine and beyond they give the gun that gun metal look and was wondering if they worked in the SDK

PC games since god knows when started using detail maps.

I recall bungie using detail maps in halo 2 and halo 2 looked worse than half-life 2 because of inferior hardware.

they’ve used detail maps all the way back since the alpha of halo 1. “Detail normals” are new however since halo 3.

So any update on this Corra_Ashu?

Just quick question: does SOURCE support normal maps for detail maps?

I do not think so.

I see nothing about it in the wiki but I might just be blind.