Adding steam workshop things to server

My friend owns a server.

He’s using the admin panels from some website to run the server.

He subscribed to a T-Rex on steam workshop, but do you know how to add that T-Rex to the server files so everyone else can see it?

If only you weren’t so lazy and used the damn wiki or Google, that would have been great.

i did try using google but maybe i wasn’t searching for the right keywords, thanks anyway.

If you can try setting it up through FastDL. FastDL is a faster download than from the workshop, although if it’s only 1 addon then it’s alright.

FastDL is by no means faster than workshop.

It depends if you are close to a steam server I believe. Fastdl can items can also be disabled from the options menu, which many players do. Workshop tends to be easier for server owners and is easier to update (when it works)

if you add something from the workshop to the server, do you know how to place it in-game? where does it show up?

everytime i join, i’m downloading something. says mounted addons and so forth, but can’t find anything in-game.

Downloading files one by one will never be faster then downloading an archive, no matter the download speed.

It depends on the addon you download obviously.

Yes it does. downloading an archive at 0.5 mbps will be slower then downloading them in pieces at 2.0 mbps. your argument only applies if the download speeds are close