Adding Tables

Hey guys, I got a function that i use it to add tables.
For some appearnt reason, the tables im adding aren’t going 1 by 1, they are inserting them selves randomly.
so for example If i built an order from 1 - 6, the tables are been inserted like this: 4,2,6,1,5,3. instead of 1,2,3,4,5,6
this is my code:

That’s because your keys aren’t numbers, your keys are strings and strings are organised by their byte size (or so I’ve heard) but still - that’s what happens when using strings as keys.

I just went over this with you on Steam for the past few hours…

Yeah, he keeps posting a topic here then asking me to answer it.

Lol You just started typing to me on steam, LIER :stuck_out_tongue: