Adding TDM Cars to DarkRP and adding it to F4 menu

Yeah, I want to add the TDMCarPack to my DarkRP - its singleplayer. I tried it and the car came up as a error, how do I make it so it pops up in the F4 menu and you can buy it?

What I did;

AddCustomVehicle(“Ford Focus RS,” {
model = “models/tdmcarpack/focusrstdm.mdl”,
price = 500,
max = 1,
cmd = “/focusrs”,

That’s for AddEntity… for adding vehicles:

AddCustomVehicle("Audi R8 V10", "models/tdmcars/audir8v10.mdl", 500)

Also, make sure the file path for the mdl is correct.

This is the same format that can be used for all vehicles. The one that freemen posted.

I’m having a problem with that. The name of the cars are like eb110tdm, how do i change this?