Adding textures to EP2?

how do i do that?

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Create a folder inside of the ep2 folder named materials, put your files there.

It’s kind of assumed that if you post a question in this forum, you want someone to answer it.

Do you want to add textures for a map you want to make? Or replace existing ones?
If you want to make textures for your map, just make a folder with your map’s name in the \materials folder in the EP2 directory. I’m assuming you have already created your custom VTF and VMT files. Close all SDK tools (don’t need to close the SDK Launcher though) and place your textures into your newly-created mapname material folder. Make sure the SDK is set to the Orange Box engine, and to Half-Life 2: Episode Two, then open Hammer or your desired tool and voila. Just search your mapname within the texture browser to find your custom textures.

If you haven’t already created your own materials, here’s a good tutorial on how to do it.

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Here’s a tutorial, you big baby.

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Or just use common sense. If materials for gmod go in the materials directory, it shouldn’t be difficult to work out that materials for use in hammer with the ep2 engine go in the ep2-materials directory.