adding tga to model

Well I downloaded these models for 3Ds Max and they work except they didn’t
have the textures even though the textures were with them.
How to I add these .tga format textures to the models???
Also these are the correct textures…

Thanks for any help.

Also, Im using 3Ds Max 2010

Drag tga onto model.

thanks dude :wink:
it worked

That is the worst advice I have ever seen anyone make.
If you want to apply the texture, first press M to open the material editor, then click on one of those bubbles, click on the small box that says “diffuse” or something like that, then select “bitmap” in the menu that pops up and then browse and select your texture. Then you can just drag that bubble onto your model. You also gotta press the button that looks like a checkered box (says “show map in viewport” when you mouse over it) in the material editor to make the texture show.