Adding the vortigaunt playermodel from this pack into gmod?

The texture, as far as I know, is unchanged, but there are some small alterations to the model. Either way, it’s the best vort playermodel I’ve seen so far and I see no reason not to implement it, considering it is one of the NPCs seen often in HL2 and the rest of the series.

It’s fully animated, and even works properly with the addon that lets you see your own body.

Garry has never added any community models before.
Why should he start with this one.

Because the character itself is straight out of half-life 2. In fact, it’s the only NPC from the game that you can’t play as by default.

Please note I am not suggesting that the armored vortigaunt be added; good as it is, it isn’t one of the missing default NPCs. The unarmored one, however, is.

How about garry dont add the community model and just add the real vort model as a playermodel option?

Because all the playermodels are in different directories to the hl2 npc models and shit like that. Also I think you need to add the weapon animations to each model, cus vorts don’t have any iirc.

It’d be easier to add the “community” model which has all the work done already than for garry to make a vortiguant playermodel himself.

And the “community” model as you put it is exactly the same as the vortiguant model already in half life 2, just with player animations added.

EDIT: I’m talking about the regular vort, not the HEV suit wearing one. That one looks dumb.

O i C that makes sense.