Adding Trails?

Do any of you know how to add trails to pointshop? I have no idea where to place my files. I would appreciate it if someone helped me out :smiley:

By files, do you mean the materials for the trails, or the lua files so they appear in the pointshop?

Download this PointShop Addon:
It comes with trails installed!

By files. I know how to make it so that it appears in the pointshop, i just dont know what to do with the custom files i downloaded. Im trying to get a usa flag onto the trails.

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Yes i know, but i want to add custom ones

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Yes i know, but i want to add custom ones

In that case, I’m afraid I can’t really help you there. However! I did in fact find this on the Steam Workshop: Is that the kind of custom trail you’re looking for? If you download that you can use GMad extractor to use the files on your server.

The problem is that i have no idea where to place them and how to make it download if needed

To download them you would have to find the addon on the Steam Client (Steam Workshop) then download GMad Extractor ( and then proceed to use GMad Extractor to take the (I presume) lua files out of the trails and place them in the PointShop addon? Sorry dude, I’m relatively new to coding and pretty much server management in general. I wish I could help you more - but I fear I can’t, sorry!

Thats alright. I have gmad and everything but its just the location of the files. If anyone could help me out i would appreicate it

Most likely in materials/trails

However, if you want to double check, open up the .vmt file that comes with your .vtf and check there. It should include a line that tells you where to place the file.

says this


I have no folders like that and thats why i am confused

If that’s inside the vmt file, go into materials, and make a folder called facepunch, with one called trails inside and place it there

Basically, if you ever don’t have a folder, just go ahead and make one

Thanks alot, that worked. One more problem is adding pictures to my maps. I know how to create the picture but not the vtm file and stuff like that. And where to place it. I looked online and most doesnt work. The same is happening to vtm files that comes with custom guns. They just show up as pink and black squares

For vtf stuff, you can either use vtfedit or Photoshop, if you’ve got a 32bit version and have a plugin, which can be found by googling ‘photoshop vtf plugin’.

I personally recommend using Photoshop for VTF stuff, because it’s a lot easier and cleaner to do.

Also, make sure your materials are all on fastdl and properly getting sent to the player.

Are you able to guide me through step by step?

Do you Photoshop installed? You need above 7.0, I think

Well, anyway, for my trail pack, these are the values. While not in the picture, ‘used’ should also be ticked:

And here’s the VMT I’ve used:

Hm… thats wierd, when i try equiping the trails, i automatically crash, it says something about vmt or vtf file not found. I have placed the facepunch file in my materials folder.

And also for the steps above may you please like be a little more specific? xD I know to change the map icon files into a vtf then make a vmt file for the unlitgeneric but i have no idea where to place them. I might of got one thing wrong in my last sentence, do i create a whole new file for the “unlitGeneric” vmt file or…

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Hmm thats so wierd, all of a sudden, the icons for all my weapon is randomly working ???