Adding vanilla sbox weapons/tools to spawn menu?

How can I put sbox vanilla weapons as spawn icons in the weapons menu without changing the weapon specs? Is there a quick LUA entry for this? I want it so I can spawn them on the ground and have the spawn loadout basically empty so you spawn empty handed but pick up items that I place.
(weapon_crowbar, weapon_stunstick, weapon_physcannon, weapon_physgun, weapon_pistol, weapon_357, weapon_smg1, weapon_ar2, weapon_shotgun, weapon_crossbow, weapon_annabelle, weapon_frag, weapon_rpg, weapon_slam, weapon_bugbait, item_ml_grenade, item_ar2_grenade, item_ammo_ar2_altfire, item_healthkit, item_healthvial, item_suit, item_battery, gmod_camera, gmod_tool)


Thank you, that’s actually EXACTLY what I needed.