Adding VTF textures to a model in Blender.

I recently extracted and imported a Unreal Engine model into Blender. I have all the models textures in VTF format as seen below, I was wanting to know how add these textures to the model in Blender.

Any support and feedback will be appreciated, thank you.

The VTF textures

The model itself in Blender

Open the files with VTFedit, export them as as tga/png/whatever, then just drag and drop onto the model.

(I’m sure there’s a more proper way to apply textures in blender but that’s just what I do)

You can’t. Blender doesn’t natively support VTF and there’s no addon for it as far as I know.

What you can do is use VTFEdit’s “Convert Folder” feature (Tools-> Convert Folder) to convert an entire folder of textures to PNG at once without having to painfully do it manually for each one.