Adding weapons and skins

I’ve had Gmod for a couple days and it is both brilliantly fun and brilliantly confusing. So basically here are my questions:

Some weapons won’t show up on the spawn menu. This is one example: I upload to addons first, then when it didn’t work, I uploaded to gmod directory, then tried lua/weapons and still don’t show up anywhere. Am I snowballing by constantly extracting to different folders? What’s the difference between extracting to the directory and extracting to the addons folder? What about the difference between hitting the “Extract to” button and drag-and-dropping them? I’ve tried searching for these answers and I get lost every time.

And how do you apply skins to the models in Garry’s mod? I’ve seen endless tutorials on how to download skins to your gmod folder but not on how to do it in-game.

I don’t have TortoiseSVN or any other extra programs so if there are any additional programs I need then directing me would be awesome. I greatly appreciate the time anyone takes to answer my noobish questions.

The link you gave us is for a Model. Its not useable.

If I understood correctly what you mean, you can change a model’s skin with

Thanks. I’m still having trouble knowing where to extract things. I’m trying to follow this guide but it doesn’t list what files go in the gmod directory. The extracting process is still a bit confusing, do all files that have an info.txt go in addons? NPC’s go in addons but models go in gmod/models? All skins go in the materials folder?

Thanks for the reply.

All folders with the info.txt go into addons.

Thanks a lot. I still don’t see the difference between hitting Extract to and simply cutting and pasting? I read that sometimes Winrar won’t properly extract so it’s best to do it manually?

Yeah, its best done manually.

Can’t thank you enough, stranger. Know that somewhere in Wisconsin there is a person who appreciates you lol

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