Adding weapons to darkrp classes

Im using m9k guns and I cant figure out how to add guns to certain classes. I have done it before and it has worked but now its in the code but not coming up on the server. Can someone give me a step by step tutorial on basically how to properly add them. (i know its easy, i just cant get it to work :frowning: ).

Do you come to facepunch and ask for help every time you run into an issue? You don’t do anything for the community, you don’t give back, the only time you post is when you have an issue.

Falco’s wiki has tons of info on how to do shit like this, including tutorials, READ before you ASK. Jesus christ.

The user just joined, why wouldn’t he be free to ask questions? Although, DarkRP has a specific thread for DarkRP questions. Tons of the questions that have been asked have already been answered in the mega-thread, click the link below the view helpful-links and the links to the mega-thread for DarkRP in addition to the Wiki for DarkRP and the most-asked parts of the Wiki ( adding shipments, and jobs with customized fields such as weapons… )

Hey, welcome to FacePunch.
This forum is for devs that need help working on things. Here are some resources to help you get started:

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