Adding weapons to map (other than TTT)

Ok so I’ll make it simple; I would like to add some weapons to maps since the gmod conversion from css fails (well in my server at least). So the gamemodes are Deathrun and Surf, I know there’s a tool out there for TTT maps but that’s not what I’m searching for. I’d appreciate if someone could tell me what tool is used for adding weapons to the map, and even better if they link me to a tutorial.
Thanks in advance.

Hate to do that but eh…

It hasn’t even been 24 hours and you are bumping? There are tools out there for custom map arming for other gamemodes which could easily be found by googling. Don’t expect people to spoon-feed you everything

You could’ve just told give me a link or even at least a name so I can actually search for something. You know, asking in Facepunch isn’t my first solution to find something; Of course I tried googling and all that shit but I just can’t find anything at all. Please just a name will be appreciated so I can actually search something.

There you go.

I would like a program that isn’t for TTT (like stated in the description)

You won’t get any help with that kind of attitude.

Oh because you think the people in here are going to help me anyways? Lol the users in here are complete douchebags, look at Aj haha. Fuck it, I tried but I won’t get any help even if I change my mood. Facepunch used to help lmao.

Download a program called entspy, it’s very basic and allows you to add/remove entities, including weapons, by entering what position on the map you would like them to be on.

Woah, after all this I’d never think I’d get the answer. Thanks a million times Niand. <3

i can’t beleive this guy is running a server for me.
I’m so sorry everyone, apparently this kid doesn’t know how to act on civilized forums.

Lol, nice one Divize.

Instead of ranting on here ever thought of trying to edit the ttt weapon placed to work in other gamemodes?

Entspy edits the BSP. This causes version conflicts when the clients are having the map already, causing them being unable to join. It’s better to spawn them in-game using a lua script.

i’ve never been so humiliated ;-;