Adding z-depth to a garry's mod screenshot to make it 3D

**For final result see link: ** (use your mouse to interact with the image).

So here’s an interesting technique I came up with. I grabbed a green screen and passed it through an old scenebuild of mine to add z-depth to it and make it interactive.
If you go to the link above and drag the image around with your mouse, you can get a sense of depth for it.

I used the layers above and removed the green with some potatochopping by taking a picture from a fixed camera and transparently coloring the props in the previous layer. I then saved each img file as a separate png (to maintain transparency) and put all the images in the correct order. After writing the javascript code for the interaction, I made the image respond when it is being dragged.

What’s unfortunate is that I only now realized that any scenebuild ever done can be brought back to life in 3d using green screens + javascript, but alas, I never bothered saving a lot of my scenebuilds.

Yet what is fortunate is that now I can come up with images that can emphasize a new dimension of depth!

both your scenebuild and this greenscreen method makes way for doing a bond gunbarrel mockup too