Additional add to feces in Rust.


If feces are created (Which i hope) i think it would be good that the shit or pee made pee/shit stains on the victims clothes.
In order to get the clothes clean you’ll have to go to some river or ocean and wash them in the water.

Whatcha gaz think?

congratulations. you have had an original idea just like the other 5 people who have suggested shitting in rust :dance:

What do you think about that the feces can be used as camoflauge if enough people take a shit on a shirt until it’s covered in shit stains basically?

Crap will be used to make paint for signs. The color will depend on the last thing you ate.


I seriously hope you guys are joking because this is seriously ridiculous

Having to evacuate your bowels as part of your metabolism isn’t necessarily a bad idea. But the other suggestions related to it sound a little too extreme for me. Fecalphelia just isn’t my thing.

We can just let everyone paint their signs brown by default.

Actually a good idea in my opinion.

Rust is already spergy enough, you don’t want it to become an aspergers simulator, do you?

Haha i want it to be a game where you can do the fuck you want. even sex.

dear thread,

kindly die in peace.

yours sincerely, the world.

I wish their was a flush button on threads. If it’s brown, flush it down.