Additions . Firey arrows , Horse riding , Molotovs and more!

Shovels - would be most effective for hitting sand for glass. (Areas would run dry of sand, turning darker, but would slowly come back)

Glass - Smelt in furnaces (maybe a special glass kiln, but to keep it simple just furnaces.)

Hazmat helmet - Yes, because metal fragments turn into glass/plastic; Uses glass instead

Molotovs - A simple yet cheap deterrent, can also be used for anarchy. (Uses glass and low grade fuel.)

Torch holders - Self explanatory.

The ability to light arrows on fire via lit torch in torch holder or lit campfires - self explanatory

Horse riding - you added horses, and have been teasing us with your cars, just let us ride the beauties already so we don’t have to kill them!

Saddles - To ride horses, maybe other animals…

Backpack - An extra 6 slots at the cost of wearing any chest armor.

Re-Addition of leather - Leather would be obtained off bears, or craftable with cloth. (used in saddle and backpack)

Farm plots - Maybe also add dirt gathering along with that shovel, because rooftop farming would be nice! (plants would grow faster in plots)

MAKE WATER A THING - I want to struggle for water, I’m sure people want to too. (once you get the whole getting water from rivers thing. up and running)

Fishing - Something nice to do with buddies or naked people. (fishing pole would be default bp)

Fish - with addition of fishing fish would come sooner or later to be hunted with spears.

Musical instruments - Flutes, horns, drums…Piano? we need em! though guitar is thoroughly enjoyable more musical instruments would be amazing!

v NEW v

Rope - For tieing people up, climbing rocks, and making rafts!

Rafts - So we can traverse the waters at night, or day. (uses rope, wood, and cloth)

Paddle - can be used as a blunt melee weapon, or for paddling the raft.

That’s all I have right now. I’d love to hear what you have to say!..good or bad…

Once objects like building blocks and cupboards and such can actually catch fire (fire attached to objects, fire that can spread from object to object) we need a few more fiery things like those fire arrows and molotovs. But please please add a way to fight against the fire at the same time.

With water buckets of course :wink:

Now’s a ok time to bump this… i think…

Leather was already added, not acquire-able yet however.

Horses and their respective needs are planned.