Additions to the game that will make it ever better than it is

Suggestions and additions:

*Clothing Dyes *- Red, Blue, Black, White, Yellow (purple, green are examples of mixed colors)
crafted by picking appropriated berries. Red from cherry/strawberry, blue from blueberry, yellow from sunflowers. Mix colors like red + blue = purple, yellow + blue = green, etc.
Safe *- used to store away important items. Only unlock-able with a combination (ex . 123456 or 000000)

Horses - can kill for food, hide, etc. Or to tame use craft a saddle and horseshoes.

Gloves/Gauntlets (new armor slots) - we have helmet, armor, pants and boots, no gloves at the moment.

*Additional resources *- Iron, bronze, silver, gold, coal, platinum, diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald, etc. ( smelt iron + coal = steel). Use these new resources to make new sets of armor pieces. Ex. Gold Gloves or Gold Armor

Character Customization - ability to adjust how characters look and female player models.
Emotes *- like bow, wave, dance, cheer, etc
Weaponry and Armory *- more guns and melee weapons like falchion, scimitar, blade, swords, daggers, knives, etc. More armor like bronze chest plate, silver gauntlets, etc.

Bags and Backpack - Bags/backpacks to increase inventory sizes. Which can be looted as well. Cloth bag (6 slots), Leather Bag (9 slots), Silk bag (12 slots), etc.

this will probably be added later, i hope it does

More melee weapons would be highly inefficient since most people will bring guns to any fight. There’s also a saying, never bring a knife to a gun fight.


Seeing as you listed silk bags we’d need cotton and there are no cotton fields ingame.

Perhaps they could add a way to improve the standard leather from leather -> Tough leather -> Rugged leather -> Hardened leather so you could make bags from those tiers instead.

We’d also need a seperate bag bar where we could fit say, 2-3 additional bags that expands the current inventory.

As for horses, this has already been suggested and i would love to see it implemented. You’d have to craft the bits and pieces from the saddle to everything required to ride the horse.

As for dyes, you’d need a variety of herbs and mordants if you want to make it realistic. But it would be nice to dye your gear for sure.

Character customization is just a nice thing to have but not necessary.

More guns, definitely.

More armor like the ones you mentioned would take the game in the wrong direction i feel. I guess it depends on what types of bronze/silver armor parts you mean. Crudely made and something that looks a bit rusty would be cool but i’m not sure it’d fit into the game personally.

Emotes would definitely be nice to have.

A Safe is a no-no in my opinion. We’ve got storage boxes for storing of items and materials.

With a coded safe, there’d be no point in raiding any bases.

A Safe sounds like a solid idea. One that can be dare I say it…blown open with C4 =) Or even better broken into with safe cracking skills or tools…

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