Addon Compare Thread!

This thread is for people who currently having the missng viewmodel error and want to compare addons to see what could be causing it.

The addons I use are:
Server Crash Menu & Auto Reconnection
Sona Skatolo (YouTube Jukebox)
VoiceChat WaveMeter
TTT Weapons Pack v1
TTT - Centralized HUD
Pointshop Clean Skin
MetroLoad [FULLY CUSTOMISABLE] [Loading screen]
Scoreboard Side Menu
HatsChat2 Chatbox
Modern MOTD (With Server Portal)
TTT HUD Switcher
Sleek TTT Scoreboard
Advanced TTT
Wyozi Tag Editor

Hit Numbers
Tommy’s Spectator Deathmatch
Tommy’s Damagelog
ULX / ULIB / Utime / these ULX addons:
M9K Assault Rifles on tttbase
Exho’s weapon hover information
Advance Join/Leave
Ragdoll Remover
Death Message (Fancy VGUI One)

Viewmodels disappearing is clearly a major bug in the new update and not the fault of specific addons.

ULX Addons, MetroLoad, Hit Numbers, Death Message by Loures, Pointshop, Metroload, Clean Pointshop Skin, WYOZI Tag Editor, Tommy’s Damagelog, Ragdoll Remover, Hatchats 2 are the only ones in common with you. I can already eliminate Metroload, Hit Numbers, Death Message, Clean Pointshop Skin, WYOZI Tag Editor, as well as any TTT Specific ones since this error is occuring on DarkRPs and Bhops as well.

Could you try to get also the version and or commit you are currently using?

I’m eliminating the chance of it being the pointshop/skin, any loading screen or ULX since they’re all very common. Hit Numbers, WYOZI Tag Editor, Tommy’s Damagelog, Ragdoll Remover, Hatchats 2 are the ones I think could cause it (I think WTE can be used off TTT with chatboxes and such).

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What makes you think this?

We don’t use any darkrp addons and we have the same issue.
It seems much more likely that it is related to the nwvars/dtvars changes which affect all addons.

Don’t agree with many people but I decently agree with this one. I don’t use any addons that correspond with another gamemode outside of HatsChat, Hit Numbers and a body freezer. I’ve removed Hatschat and found this NOT to be the issue.

If it was a global bug then shouldn’t it be effecting all servers and not just specific ones. I haven’t experienced the bug on any of the servers I run and none of my players have reported such issues(Darkrp/TTT/Flood/Bhop/Deathrun/Cinema/Jailbreak).

Which Content did u both got mounted?
also when did u last updated the mounted tf2 server?

Could this be relevant at all?
Bad SetLocalOrigin(-1556.816162,18840.443359,384.000000) on gmod_hands (506)

That’s always been there.

My server only runs CS:S Mount.
SetNWString confirmed for breaking viewmodels