Addon created persistent client setting, need help removing

A while ago I downloaded a firstperson deathcam addon, but upon its removal, its effects were not reversed; my deathcam perspective is still firstperson and not third, even after unsubscribing and deleting the addon. The maker of the addon has since pulled it and is not offering support or answers regarding how to fix this problem.

Can anyone here shed some light on this? Is there a file or folder I can empty or alter to restore the default behavior? I really don’t want to have to completely clean install just to fix this problem if I don’t have to.

This is rather interesting. If the addon was uninstalled completely it should not be doing this at all.

Maybe it generated a usersettings lua file somewhere? I wouldn’t know where to look.

Go to your garrysmod/addons/ and see if it’s still there.

It is most certainly not. I’ve deleted everything associated with it that I’m able to find.

Even with ALL addons disabled, the default behavior still doesn’t return.

Do you have the link to the addon? I can have a look and see how it’s changing the settings

The original is apparently long gone, but there are similar addons.


Judging from the comments, this is apparently not an isolated issue

I’ll take a look at this when I get home. I the mean time, look for any file.append lines in the code.