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Sorry, I’m new to Facepunch, not sure where to post this. If someone could point me in the right direction, that would be great. Anyway, here is my program. Oh, before I get started, I think it’s really lame to have C# and C++ there, and not VB.NET.

[release]Name: Addon Creator
Description: Creates a readme, info file, and packages it for you.
Installation Instructions: Download the .zip on (see below), and open the .txt inside for installation instructions. If I’m not allowed to do that, please let me know and I will delete the file. I am constantly changing it so a ClickOnce deployment with Auto-Update was the best choice.
Comments: I know there is a current bug in this release, expect a fix this weekend. You need to name the addon the same name as the addon folder you selected!

It was written in VB.NET, so yes, it can be reversed engineered. But come on, don’t be an asshole, if you want the source, PM me. I’m willing to give it to you.

This is just kinda a rough-copy of it. Since it’s going to be installed from ClickOnce deployment, it will always be updated upon launch if you click “OK” when it asks if you want to install the update. I suggest doing it, as the newer versions will have bug fixes and new features.

Constructive comments/positive comments only please! Please don’t troll or flame!

Sounds, interesting. Nice work.

Thanks. I spent all night trying to get ZipForge working right, turns out I didn’t have a setting right :p. This is just after a few hours of work. By the way, is this in the right section?

Since when could guests post?

WTF? Logged in as Fleamonji in top right o_O

My account is glitched :’(

Weird, But anyway, Nice!

Thanks :smiley:

that idea is stolen!
from me!

Hmm. Too close to be coincidence.

Is it really that hard to change a few words in a text file? Really.

As with Lua modules, exes should be posted with full source. So both of you, post it. Lets compare them and see if they are copied or not.

I didn’t steal your idea. I improved it, and in a quicker time. In other news, I finally got the damn ClickOnce deployment fully working. All dependencies are now packaged with it.

Here we are. Don’t be a fucktard by taking my source, editing it, and then uploading it. I just zipped the project folder, so it has the releases in there. But whatever, it’s still under 2 MB.


I have nothing to hide. I removed the releases from the download, so it’s around 83 KB now. As you can see my code is cleaner and my grammar is better.


Triple post? Anyway, my friend just made a remark to me on MSN saying that chances are he is going to take my source and publish it as his, but whatever. Name a program and I’ll make it. As long as it doesn’t use SQL or XML, because they scare me in VB.NET :frowning:

You should tell Garry about your glitched account.


This has a nice layout. Thanks for the addon maker :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, I worked hard on it :).

Looks pretty cool!

That clickonce thing is a total PITA. If you have the same version I do, when you install your app on another pc, it puts it in some obscure place, and doesn’t let you choose where you want to install. I’ve been just compiling my code, and zipping it. Hope it helps, or you come up with something less painful to work with.

Yeah, but I use ClickOnce because I make tons of stupid mistakes in my code. And am always adding features :slight_smile: