Addon Downloading Issues


Can this entire thread be removed, please?

Are all the files on your FastDL server packed in .bz2’s?

Your FastDL server is partially incorrectly setup
Remove the gamemodes folder completely from the FastDL.

Also, the reason why you get these errors in the console is because you don’t have those files on the FastDL server.

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It’s not my server, but I can tell the people who run it. I just thought this was a client side thing. No one else (besides one, I think) had this problem.

Its just two or three pink and black squares does it bother you that much?

It is possible that you uploaded incorrectly files on fastdl or either you didn’t upload them

Don’t reply to thread if you don’t want to help user who’s having troubles in thread but you want to spam or be just rude

Don’t reply unless you’ve read the whole thread. As he’s stated its not his server so he couldn’t have uploaded anything.

Yeah, I think that’s the problem.

That is irrelevant, screw off.