Addon fail to extract on dedicated server

2 addons I use in my dedicated server don’t extract (I only get a 17 bytes file) and a MDMP file is created. Downloading the addon again doesn’t fix the problem. I have this problem with M9K Heavy weapons and Scars Extra.

Well, depends on the server game-mode.

If its sandbox then its really simple,
You have to first go to your Gmods folder (Steam\SteamApps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons). Use the Gmadconverter.exe (here) to opening the workshop content file (Click on it, select “Choose default program” and find where you put the download for gmadconv.) then you should drag and drop that folder into the addons folder for your server. (example: D:\Gmod Server\garrysmod\addons)

If that doesn’t work then just look for some YouTube videos…

And if you want to set it up so it can extract the files from workshop onto the server, then see this:

I believe this also has to do with the addons themselves; Garry fucked something up with GMPublish so some addons will need to be updated to be fixed.

I am using workshop to host addons, the addon don’t extract and I get 17 bytes file (the addon is more than 50MB)

I get this on my dedicated server console

I have NEVER seen that happen before. But what you should do is simply remove all or that selected addon, restart your server and put the addon back on. If that kind of error shows up again, then its the addon causing the issue. If you are 100% sure that the addon is fine and works with servers, completely reinstall your dedicated server.

(This is just a generic statement, if you want to, wait for someone else to put up a statement)

Good Luck with your server!

Seems to be an issue with your server install. Try reinstalling your server.

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Works fine on my listen server Please check if it’s a problem with addons I use

Thanks for that list!

From what I know, the M9K weapons mods are the most likely to cause server issues because they take a lot memory and space on a hard-drive. Dedicated servers actually have a max capacity for addons and whatnot because it needs a specific amount of space for incoming and out-going connections and other things that i could go on about.

So basically, try to remove some of the addons. (preferably some of the M9K weapon packs) Let me know if your still having trouble! :slight_smile:

I can replace these with others addons.

You have no idea what you’re talking about. Yes a certain addon could be causing it, but there is no “space limit.” Also, don’t sign your posts.

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Can you guys stop fighting please? The problem is not solved but I replace the addon without having the same problem. I miss some of the addons I had this problem.
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