Addon filter, broken

Right now there are 3730 items in the workshop.
They are split into addons, saves, dupes, and demos.
There is a filter setting

If you just want to see demos you can filter by demo. You’ll see the 960 demos.
If you just want to see dupes you can filter by dupe. You’ll see the 358 dupes.
If you just want to see saves you can filter by save. You’ll see the 1595 saves.
If you just want to see addons you can filter by addon. You’ll see the 11 addons.
Wait… 11 addons? If there are 3730 items and 2913 of them are demos/dupes/saves, shouldn’t 817 be addons?

I’m guessing because Gmod itself handles demo/dupe/save uploading, it applies the correct tag, and that the Workshopper tool isn’t applying the Addon tag to addons. Somehow 11 addons have been marked as addons but 806 of them have not.

Garry could you please apply the addon tag to all addons (which are not demos/dupes/saves)? And could you make the workshopper apply the addon tag to all new/updated addons?
As the workshop doesn’t have an “exclude tag” filter (where I could hide demo/dupe/save and then I’d be seeing all addons), there is no way to just view addons unless they’re properly tagged.