Addon folder...

Well i was placing mods into the add-on folder of garry’s mod and everything seemed well. that was until i started firing the sweps, i noticed errors were in place of the bullet rounds. I decided that i would remove them and re-install them. In the process of deleting the files i accidentally deleted the add-ons folder. i tried making another one but that seemed to not work. so instead i uninstalled garry’s mod and re-installed it and checked if that helped…it did’nt so i un-installed steam and re-installed that too…failed. So now i don’t know how to add mods into garry’s mod without my add-on folder…is there anyway to help fix this? any insight or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Verify game integrity!?

i tried that but it still wont work…even steam told me to check their technical support but derp, there no where to ask a question.

Re-install it all again. There is always an addon folder that ships with Gmod.

i also did that too…still wont do, i reinstalled it, and i checked the folder again and still no addon folder…sigh im starting to think weather or not i should just try making an identical one and see if it works… but i even uninstalled steam and re-installed and nothing…grrrr


actually…wow this is strange…so i decided to change the view from thumbnails to list so i can find it and…viola! it magically appeared on top…strange…

What is with these add-ons folders! They’ve been dissapearing for whatever reasons all over the place recently!

If it isn’t there for any reason it is not there, just create a folder called “Addons” without the quotes.