Addon/gamemode updates

Hello Facepunch again,
I have been thinking and I want to update all the old addons/gamemodes that don’t work on gmod anymore.
So please suggest them below.

Confirmed List:
• Fortwars : Orginal : Maps(fw_ maps) : Fixed will release later
• Basewars : Original : Maps(any maps) : No fixing needed
• Gmod Racer : Original : Maps : Broken beyond repair without MYSQL database (Need a better copy)

Id like to see something like basewars released on github updated

Ok ill have a go, anywhere you know where I can get an old version?

Edit: Found it

GMod Racer

I’m sure I could have a shot at that to

Old, old LightRP?

Old old? This ??

Good luck trying to fix Gmod Racer. If you fix it, you are going to have Killslick going after you, since it’s a Pulsar Effect gamemode.

Can anyone find a screenshot of the basewars scoreboard or any idea what it was like?