Addon has been literally copied

Sorry if this is the wrong thread. The description says “Help and discussion with development in Garry’s Mod.” I need help. Lol. I will be linking everything below and I will be showing code and screenshots. (The formatting of my code is a little weird because of the program I used to type it all out.) I am the creator of an addon called “The Flash Redux” or “The Flash SWEP” and I have found an addon called “Black Magic Midas Edition v1.3.” This addon literally has mine in it for no reason. I looked at the weapons folder in his addon and it looks like he literally just dragged the files from mine into his. Thank you all for your time!

EDIT: He just messaged me that he added me as a contributor to his addon, but I’m not accepting. He doesn’t know I’m writing this post.

My addon has the below copyright header, but I’m not sure if I can actually do anything with it.

	©2016 Metamorphics
	(STEAM_0:1:52851671 is the one and only author)
	Covered by Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International

Above are his files from his addon. My file can be clearly be seen in his addon.

Above is the code from my addon in his files.

Above is the code from my addon.

The Flash Redux/ SWEP:
Black Magic Midas Edition v1.3:

PM robotbot, he’s workshop moderator

PM him on Facepunch? I’ve emailed him before and I don’t think he likes me. Lol

Regardless, if someone stole your code without credit, that’s grounds for removal.

You emailed me on my private email with another accusation which turned out to be nothing when I compared the 2 addons, so I asked you not to email me using my private email.