Addon help

Hello it’s been a year since I got my hands on GMOD and I lost these [addons] files that I had sincce I’m using a different laptop.

so, I am asking help from you, my internet pals, to help me find the following addons
moddb and is somewhat down on my PC (my boss blocked these sites!) and it would really help if you try to host it in gamebanana or mediafire or something like those.

anyway, here’s my wishlist (or let’s just say, lost things list)

  1. Superman mod
    2.GTA san andreas peds ripped
    3.GTA IV Cars
    4.GTA San Andreas cars
    5.Hoverboard thingy
    6.The Citadel Destroy map
    7.All of Sakarias88’s mods
    8.Parachute mod

oh and by the way, thanks in advance. :slight_smile: