Addon Help

I’m back in the game but I’m on a new laptop and I need a list of addons most used. I already have the svn for PHX and wire. I know this isn’t a contraption but the contraption people are the shit

weight tool
stacker tool
multi-parent tool

Weight stool.
PHX3 (Definently this one)
Stacker perhaps.

I’ve been told to get ACF but I can’t find it on or…anywhere and what is it?

Wire_extras… is that the unofficial add-ons to wire like the hydraulic adjuster?

Link me :smiley:

+75mm and 105mm models -

Wire_extras -
(it’s a SVN link)

Thank you vodkah :]

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I dun told you to get ACF.

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Same stuff as when you last played GMod except for ACF.