Addon help?

A friend and i are looking for a addon similar to exosounds. any suggestions?

Basicly we downloaded it and loaded it with a few .wavs .mp3s “the lua says it supports both”.
Only problem is IT DOESNT WORK! -_-
when you go to check the sound menu it is completely empty and we have tried just about everything to try to get it TO work.
But it looks like its fallen victim to the Garry’s Mod updates like alot of other downloadable shit.

But im asking for like a serverside player so that the WHOLE server can hear the sounds/music that are played.

It’d be much appreciated if someone could help me find a such addon.

You want WolfDJ

Isnt that only for music?

Isn’t that what you want?

Eh of ot supports .wavs and mp3. its exactly what im looking for. ill give it a try

Thanks man!

Ehhhhh… wasn’t exactly what i was looking for. we are looking for a sound effects/ music addon that uses stored file insted of streaming because streaming is more for music and too much a hassle to meet our needs. Basicly we need it for events and shit on our LAN RP server. i’ve googled for stuff similar to exosounds. but i havn’t had any luck. and exosounds is useless just because it doesnt work anymore.

If you are still willing to help, any other suggestions?

since it sounds like you don’t know Lua I am going to recommend WolfDJ anyway, but you could always use resource.AddFile and then play it via usermessage or something.

Banana, he said that WolfDJ did not meet his needs, so stop suggesting something that doesn’t fit his needs, he made it clear he needs a different solution.

I’ll see if I can help you with exosounds. Chances are, file.Find has changed, because a Gmod MP3 player that I used to use client-side stopped working, because file.Find was changed to be relative to the garrysmod/data folder. I already have you added on Steam.

Alright, im pretty sure alot of other people/servers would need exosounds. it can be pretty usefull

He wants music to play on the entire server, I recommended WolfDJ because it does just that. I also said that he could use resource.AddFile and usermessages.

file.Find was changed to stop allowing …/, not to start in the data folder - that’s where it always started.

Alright, im pretty sure alot of other people/servers would need exosounds. it can be pretty usefull

Ah… alright, then a fix would be to set the optional second parameter to file.Find true, and have it navigate as such. Thought it’d probably be something like that, thanks for clearing that up.