Addon hooks Conflict Finder (for developers and technicians)


I released for free a few days ago a new addon called Addon hooks Conflict Finder. I could not sell it at ScriptFodder because it has not been approved.

I have planned to add a feature to find files and addons that could be the cause of the conflict easier.

Good bye; love all bad coders and all nasty people around here who will send the worst comments ever.

This is very helpful. Thanks for sharing

Does it reference all the hooks ( from a table. What I am wondering is if you could add TTT, Murder, etc specific hooks w/o many problems. Also Github please <3?

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My addon debugs all hooks added with hook.Add() + all GAMEMODE functions. It modifies all GAMEMODE functions and all functions that are listed by hook.GetTable() with the specified event name. So yes, all standard event names + all custom can be debugged.

Addon hooks Conflict Finder on GitHub

What is your problem with this font? I do not use this one every time.

This is a really good idea. I can not even tell you the amount of times I’ve run into conflicts with people using calcview wrong.

Unfortunately I’m not that patient and just ended up detouring hook.Call to make all my code run first. Yes, I am a terrible person.

Haha I just made this tool when I needed to solve a CalcView conflict. :smiley:

And guess what, a crap addon bought, on CoderHire I guess, but it was really made like a crap: replacing hooks by their standard behaviors after usage (it’s a welcome screen), instead of removing the hooks…
The problem is that keys for vehicles and for the VCMod are all treated in one of the overridden events… x( I used my tool and within minutes I spotted the bad addon (and I corrected it later when I finally understood what it does). :smiley:

Hi there,
I finally used the help from the topic How to get the list of files contained in a GMA package? to display involved Workshop addon names.
Now it should be much easier to locate a conflicting Workshop addon.

I hope that will make you happy! :science101: