Addon Ideas?

Hey I’m going to make an addon for Gmod. Can someone give me ideas? Because I have no idea!

Thanks :smiley:

I want to shoot while I ride vehicles not turret
this is so fantastic!!! Isn’ it?? >.<

Actually this IS a good idea!
A mod so you could use a main weapon, with or without the possibility to switch, when riding in certain vehicles.
Offcourse not in a jeep/airboat/jallopy but on chairs!

yea make that! sounds cool.
but if you do please add an option so if you’re in a jeep or something you can shoot at guys while you drive it will be so epic :smiley:

A radar in the corner of the screen?

Done to death and usually put in with some deathmatch gamemodes.

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Cars with multiple seating and the ability to shoot out of them have been done before, but they were hacky and didn’t work very well, at least not when giving the player the ability to use their own weapons.

I’ll try to make it thanks.

They have already made.