Addon Ideas.

I think for an anti prop-minge/push/kill addon you could just no-collide the player and prop when the prop is moving.


Would this be better in another section?

Woah, nobody has ever thought of that, :open_mouth:
Can I use the idea? Please!..

There’s already addons that do this.

No, because it’s a “dumb” idea for some reason.

I was being sarcastic

So was I.

I really don’t think you were.

well this started poorly

I, for one, would love some inspiration. OP’s idea is late but some nifty ideas are welcome.

You do realize I can see who puts what ratings on my posts, don’t you.

And I don’t see how not knowing an addon already existed makes me dumb.

Shush, you two.

Just because an idea is not new does not make the idea bad.
Someone is using it somewhere. Clearly it was a good idea. If someone else thought of it first then so what? That doesn’t make kyle any less inventive.

Kyle, don’t be discouraged. That’s actually a really good idea. Simply because someone else did it before doesn’t make it any less of a good idea.

Keep up the good ideas. Soon enough you’ll come up with a really good one.

I’m glad someone put this back on track.

How about a keep upright like tool that keeps it facing in any direction the users sets via a yaw pitch roll ball similar to the bone edit yaw pitch roll. I’m sure someone could find a use for that.

And this post is not just for me to put ideas.

Alright, I’ll contribute.

What about a Lua-based derma editing IDE?
Just like the ancient dermadesigner program, except rather than sucking and being outdated this one can be good and up to date.
It could even support creating custom elements and placing those custom elements into your designs.
Then you could export it to your console or to a .txt file in the data folder.
Garry’s Mod would be much more enjoyable if anyone and everyone was able to code on some level.
It’s actually somewhat surprising just how FEW players know even the most BASIC concepts of GLua.

That probably wouldn’t be too hard to implement actually but all it would be good for is quickly prototyping vgui elements, I cant see it being much use to anybody who is too noobish to code all the backend functions/net code etc that most menus require

A lot of the reason people don’t learn is because they don’t want to learn the syntax of Lua. Luabee is a graphic coding system which outputs to Lua files. Using this in conjunction with a derma designer anyone and everyone could code if they were willing to learn how source works.

Someone released a hud builder on coderhire a while back. HUDs are fairly basic gui stuff, but a visual studio-esque program for building GUI would be so nice. I’m pretty shit at the whole positioning thing, so even a way just to make the hud elements visually, and then code in the functions using the normal way would be so great.