Addon Library. Enable/Disable Features.

Here’s a demo of the addon library in action for… a project of mine.

lol. Totally not done with that one yet. Still gotta put weapons in the crotches.

That’s just terrible code there (

Thats looking great so far, is it in the SVN?

I never got around to changing it to a player spawn event, rather than a set animation thing. It was a three second feature.

Otherwise, I don’t see anyone else creating anything to enable disable addons.

Why reply?


Sure is.

It’s called the Custom Addon Framework, and it works for whole addon folders, not just simple plugin scripts. Both it and yours share the same flaw, you can’t enable/disable an addon that are not set to work for it. Now I know that’s not really possible but it’s the only thing that would make it really useful to people.

Your project is nice, yes, but it’s nothing revolutionary.:smile:

I’ll add functionality for whole addons later, but at the moment, because I’m only using it to delimit a multiple features, I really only need it for that.

It’s a given that it’ll only work for addon’s scripted for it, but I don’t recall it having a menu to list all of the addon’s that use it.

GMP doesn’t have this yet, either, but it’s not far from development.

Thanks. :v: That’ll give me some umph to code today.

What I think could be really useful to server owners is both a simple process to make an addon usable with the addon management system and a way to set a list of addons to use depending on the gamemode you’re running (That is if you’re willing to release it as a standalone addon. No need of a fancy GUI :smile:).

It gets quite annoying having to move PHX/Wiremod out of my addons each time I want to host something non-sandbox. :ninja:

I could release something polished like that either by today or tomorrow. I think tomorrow I’ll be out doing placement testing, so it’ll be on the back burner then.


Also, your concept is already going to be put to use.
I need this done for the CS:S gamemode I’m slowly building on.

If the CS:S weapons were disabled once the gamemode was initializing, then well… :flaccid: something would be terribly terribly wrong.

So I’ll be coding the gamemode to force that feature on.

You don’t have to move it out, you can just rename info.txt to info2.txt, then it wont load.

I prefer disabled.txt. :downs:


Damnit I’m dumb.
Still looking forward to this because I’m too lazy to rename txt files now. :3:

Well, honestly, it’d be nice to have something in-game to control addons anyway.

Would be better if you kept their view model visible, and then they would have the “Gun cock” feature :slight_smile:

Sounds like it would be true, but that’s why told the engine not to draw the weapon, it’s not in it’s crotch.

A MingeBag’s weapon is drawn at the crotch, at a specific position relative to the player. If I didn’t tell the engine to not draw their world model, they would still be holding their weapons in their hands.

To recreate the crotch weapon effect, I’d have to place a fake weapon there.


I’m thinking that I’ll just make the project private and not release a single thing, considering that people are rude here. The first post has dumb ratings thrown at it for no reason.

It’s Facepunch - if there were no trolls I wouldn’t have been permabanned three times, or currently be banned for a week.

Usually I call them out. Once I do, I get labeled a jackass by the next 9 year old member in the following reply. It gets tiring fast.

Most of this is really poorly coded. I mean really bad. Releasing this under the guise of Garry’s Mod Plus is just wrong.

I don’t say this to be a troll; its purely an observation. If you’d like me to point out some horrific things you’ve done, I’d be delighted.

No, please do. I know a few complete rewrites I need to get around to, but from day to day, I really don’t have enough energy or motivation in me to complete new features or revise old code. However, overall and honestly, I hardly see any bad code.

I can be reached through Steam at valvprivate3 if you have the time.


I’ve revised the SetPlayerAnimation to PlayerSpawn as it should have been done ages ago. However, I hardly see that as something massively disturbing.