Addon Lister for DarkRP

This addon requires DarkRP to be installed.

Typing /addons will list all addons mounted on the server in the Console. This allows you to make sure workshop items are working properly, and allows you to check what addons the server is using off the workshop if you wish to use them yourself.

This mod was intended to help deal with the issue of people grabbing stuff off the workshop for their servers, and then claiming they made it. This allows you to grab the name of active addons, and then stick them into a google search and see who actually made it.

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code if people want

local function ListAllAddons(ply)
PrintTable( engine.GetAddons() )
ply:ChatPrint(“Check your console with ~”)
DarkRP.defineChatCommand(“addons”, ListAllAddons)

command = “addons”,
description = “List all the addons mounted on the server in the console.”,
delay = 1.5

nothing really makes this darkrp only, only that you chose to add it as a DarkRP command.