Addon manager ?

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I would like to know if there’s an addon manager for Garry’s Mod, like the Mod Manager of GM9. This can be very useful, to avoid restarting game for an addon, and especially folder operations to activate addons.

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You need to reload the game or change the map for addons to load. That’s just the way it works.

Okay, but is there an in-game UI to deactivate addons ?


No, but you could look at gman.

there was one in gmod9, you could choose wich mod could be acivated

He did kind of reference that :downs:

I’ve seen one, but the scripter won’t release it as it was mainly for loading his various malicious files to rape servers while joining I think.

There was the Garry’s Mod Administrative Network which allowed you to manage all your addons, update them, disable them, remove them, add SVN links, etc. But the topic was closed (I don’t know why) and all the mirrors don’t work.

I don’t remember where I saw it, but there was one that basically did the addon folder stuff for you… which is better than nothing, but it wasn’t smart enough to differentiate between two of the same files (rename, replace, and whatnot). Also it being as complex as the user dropping files in the add ons… there wasn’t much use to it. I was more hoping for a program that would alert you if you were sometimes replacing something that shouldn’t be replaced. Like initial files relative to Garry’s Mod that most people wouldn’t want tampered with.