Addon manager


Wouldn’t it be nice if all the major addons like
(etc etc etc.)

Were available to install at the touch of a button? Not required, but vastly simplified for those who want them. No more n00bs asking how to install wire and phx correctly (hopefully).
Addons would be added to this easy install list based on popularity. We could even do a vote.

What do you think? I really want to know why this hasn’t been implimented yet. What are the kinks and problems?

Please? Any non mean comments?

Not to be mean but it sounds kinda pointless…If you could somehow combine them like phx2 and combine it with phx3 then it would sound really good =P

Isnt phx 3 all you need? i heard that if u get phx 3 u dont need 2 or anything else.

But back on topic, i think this would make it easier to install addons without people needing to learn to use svn or accidentally installing unofficial outdated mods.

Also, a bunch of people always install wire wrong by checkout into its own folder in addons
plus people always say they see errors when they seem to have the correct addons installed.

Suggested so many times and will just never happen in the foreseeable future.

I’m sure this can be made as an addon very easily.

Why not?

Really? If i ever learn lua, this will be my goal.

Can you make an svn thing in lua?

Gmod doesn’t allow you to write to any directory then Data, meaning you’ll never be able to do anything from ingame like this…

You need write access to write files to the addons directly…


CAF is trying to implement something like it, but due to obvious reasons you still have to put the addon into your addon folder manually. CAF just makes ti so you can enable/disable the lua part of the addons…

I don’t know what caf is but i just wish something like this could be made. If it was possible, i would try as hard as i could to make it.

What IS CAF?

And why not???

…| Bad reading? You expect me to understand “CAF just makes ti so you can enable/disable the lua part of the addons…”? Really?

Yes really, its just a table with derma, and some basic lua.

Sb2DevTeam says that it cant get write access to the addons folder. So if i do (ever) make an svn addon, can it place stuff in addons? or is sb2devteam right?

That is the main thing, my parade is canceled if addons can’t write to the addons folder.

One word


Okay… Whatsa module? How is it different from an addon? Can it add an option to the main menu?


Whaaaa…? (okay i c i googled it)

Okay, well ive read up on a bit of lua, and i think i have a long way to go… And im still not so sure about teh difference between a module and an addon.

Yup, thats the one.