Addon menu and Q menu not showing anymore on my server.

Hello folks.

I’m building a JailBreak server for some friends and I have this annoying problem :

I was configuring all the stuff so this addon can work :

(setting crates, keys, blablabla…), I was doing some reboots prety often to be sure that everything was still right.
And then, after a basic reboot, the menu of the addon was not showing anymore (by default a “!unbox” command in chat).

I just quickly swapped to sandbox and I noticed that the Q menu is not showing anymore (same for friends).
So I guess that this problem is the same.

No console error, no shit…

Any Idea here ?

Create a support ticket


But I also realized that the problem on sandbox mode is still here if I remove this addon from the server, so I don’t think the cause is here ^^