Addon: NPC control question

Hey guys. There’s this addon in workshop, NPC control.
You can make NPC walk to a certain area, follow you, change their hate/like coding. and their proficiency. This would be cool for NPC fights. As you know, combine vs rebels… well, its boring. a single rebel can take out a group of 10 combine, and according to the HL story line, they took over earth in 7 hours. I doubt they could do that if they couldn’t shoot for shit :smiley:

But I looked into it, played around, the combine arent bad. They are set to average, while the rebels are set to the highest: perfect setting.

Now my question is, does anyone know if you can permanently change their settings? Because it doesn’t have this option in this addon. when you set the proficiency on one, lets say, combine, and spawn a new one, its the default.

Does anyone know a different addon, or if I can change something in the main files?

Much appreciated.

No one?