Addon or Gamemode Version Check

What i’m looking to get out of this, and hopefully make, is a simple version check… Say an addon went from v1 to v2, how you would go into the game and it would tell you that you are using the outdated version, get the new one here… etc… I’m relatively new to coding for gmod or anything for that matter, but I do have a server and the gamemode I run doesn’t have that, but it would help alot for when I give someone this gamemode…

Any help would be appreciated … And yes, you can make fun of me if you like.

You’re going to have to find when you want to send the message. You could do it on a timer every 5 minutes or so.

You can grab data from external addresses via


You could just put the version inside a html file, such as 1/2/whatever. In the script you put your own version. If the version doesn’t meet the external version, state a message that the addon is out of date.

I have noticed that steamworks.FileInfo returns a table about a workshop addon, and that table has a field “updated”. I have no clue what this number means though, is it just counting up?

Looks like some sort of timestamp.