Addon Playermodels don't work


Any addon that includes Player models, they dont work, even if i respawn or restart game. I have bought game version, i’ve tested to delete every player model addon and tested one by one but only HL2 models work. Would be nice to find solution for this. If making video so don’t have to mess with NPC for whole day.

You mean the physics don’t work? If that’s the problem, I’ve got it too.

I mean that i can’t see the player model in any ways. It just displays Dr.Kleiner

Can you be more descriptive.

I have bunch of player models that have come with addons. I’m trying to make videos if im not getting too lazy. If i choose player model that isn’t Garry’s Mod’s own player model, it displays Dr.Kleiner. I reinstalled game and redownloaded addons.

Now i see diffences in my players hands, Gloves, black, white, bloody, dirty etc. But i still see Dr.Kleiner did i do what ever i can on my knowledge. Deleting them one by one doesn’t help. Someone said that it could be the addon that causes thsi bug for every player model or just that Gmod13 is not well made.

This is not an issue with GMod itself. Try uninstalling all of your addons (if they’re workshop, disable them) and trying again.

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Not helping as said

Then completely reinstall GMod by deleting the folder in steamapps/common (backup anything you want to keep), turning off Steam Cloud for GMod (properties), deleting local content in Steam and reinstalling.

Doesn’t work either

Here is all errors i got.

Take out all your addons except for ONE of the playermodels that “isn’t working.” If they’re workshop addons, disable them.

Link the addons. It is a problem with addons, not GMod.

I would link them but Steam is slower than 512K connection on Youtube 480p. Heres what i have.
-Black Mesa Source Models
-Sci-Fi Citizens Playermodels
-WW2 German Motorized Division
-Suits And Robbers
-Scarenton Player Pack V1
-Metropolice Pack (Always worked with every single addon after something weird happend)
-FBI pack
-Suit-Wearing Citizens
-Hazmat Conscripts
-Spetnaz Playermodels

I Disabled all addons except that Metro Police pack and it works perfectly. Something really fucks gmod addons up