Addon problem

There is a lot of time i don’t play Gmod and i formated my PC recently…
I wanted to reinstall Gmod,who reinstalled well…
But !
I can put an addon (Exemple PHX) he isn’t Ingame…i put it in Addons like before…But it doesn’t work…
Exemple,I wanted to test SCars,i put it in Addons and i don’t see it ingame…
Is there a solution,thank…

Are you sure your addons folder is in the right place? It should be like this:


Make sure that your addons folder name is all lower case.

Yes…but i think it’s the same problem as miginty1 (
I will try that and i gave you news

Edit : Yes it’s in garrysmod/garrysmod/addons,i try jetboy method


Found the solution :slight_smile:
I was launching the 3rd Steam (1 isn’t broken,recuperation from my formatage and the 2nd is broken,and 3rd is installed officially)
A moderator can lock :slight_smile: