Addon quality and quantity, a survey for future release of Garry's Mod Plus

Just a little questionnaire - I may add to this, or ask more questions in the thread. As a developer, I’m not quite sure where the end-user or even fellow programmer sees the average quality of a Garry’s Mod addon, and would like some input on it, as I plan to release a large scale addon in the future, named “Garry’s Mod Plus”, however the addon is currently only a fraction done.

What do you think of the individual quality of a typical addon (Is there one that sticks out to you?)?
How many addons do you usually have installed, and why?
What would you rather see; small addons, or massive projects?
Would you rather see an addon released when it’s finished completely, or released after a significant amount is done, and then incremental updates?

Personally, typical quality is 5/10 ( The addons that newbies make, which are generally smaller, take less time and effort to create, and are more about learning ), the majority of addons made by ‘pro coders’ are larger, more time consuming projects.

Me… Well it depends really; On what im doing. If im coding ( gamemode or otherwise ) i generally have 3 or so addons, if im home hosting about 7, and if im just in it for a day of actually PLAYING GMod, 20+

Larger projects, for sure. As i said in the first answer.
Incremental updates if people already know about it. If its something that no one knows about, make it fully. That means people see the thread/download/server, and can play instantly.

“Garry’s Mod Plus” rings a bell.

Also, the quality of the average addon isn’t that bad. Most I would put out there as 8/10 or 7/10, it’s just those stray “first releases” that are sometimes low quality.

Depending on how far it goes, I would prefer to see large projects. I like a lot of new content. However, it just starts to get annoying when it gets too large, take for example PHX3 I believe is the latest. PHX was a perfect model pack. Then it started to get a bit large and I don’t like that. Don’t take me wrong I still like it and using their models but it includes a lot more than just PHX.

Addons should never include other addons unless the author has modified them and is intending on keeping the modified version up-to-date.

Currently, this rendition of GMP (not anything like a remake of GMod 9’s GMod Plus), holds ranges of additional features, for the end user and developer, like chat commands (using the new chatcommand library), menus, and higher end projects are planned such as new gamemodes, and a new gamemode base to compete with fretta.

Is content specific in one area more important than another? GMP adds a major sub-project called “SWEP Bases” which allows players to take the original HL2 weapons as individual bases, or the new “css_base” which includes weapon spread equivalent to CS:S, variables to control player speed, and monetary value for the weapon (I plan on having individual TF2 and DOD:S bases in the future.); such as the walking sprint replacement in CS:S, or the pricing values in the buy menu (I plan to create the Counter-Strike: Source gamemode as a base but still a complete gamemode, and you can build CS:S gamemodes modifications off of that, perhaps one with custom weapons, which you can specify the price.) Considering that the project adds much more weapons, and a couple gamemodes, would you like to see an equivalent count?

Every script, library, module, weapon, gamemode, etc., is written only by myself. In a related matter, would you like the ability to turn off certain features of GMP? Such as a menu showing the features, and a checkbox next to them, in the style of the mount menu.


This sounds like a great idea. I can’t say I’ve seen any of your work, as I’m fairly new to gmod, but People seem to believe in you, so I will too :smiley: Is this going to be a mod of gmod? Or will it be placed in the gmod folders?

I haven’t released a single addon to the community, but hopefully this single one will “put me on the map”, if you will.

It’s an addon, and will go under your garrysmod/addons folder.

I must say, the SVN for your GMod Plus addon is very impressive. I like all the features so far, but I would like the ability to turn certain ones off and things.

No worries, that’s on my todo list.