Addon ragdolls are specified as a prop And stand like a "T"

I donwloaded a few ragdolls from the steam workshop and the internet but whenever i spawn the they stand up as a “T”. When i remove the ragdoll or “T” it says “undone prop” Is there anyway to fix this or should I wait for the next update?

Just like this?

Welcome to the club my friend. Perhaps with two threads on this on the front page we might get some answers.

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THREE threads now!

Exactly like this! I have no idea whats wrong with them. It started happening about two weeks ago and now most of the ones that were working before that are now broken. even when you spawn them as NPC’s when they die they hold this pose. And its odd some ragdolls i recently downloaded today (Suit Wearing Citezens) Are working just fine. Maybe because there the same NPC’s just reskined? I dont know I just hope theres a way to fix this soon.

No L4D 1 or 2 ragdolls work for me since 13. No one seems to have an answer.

tell me if this gets fixed, i tried clearing my cache folder and that dident work.

Garry, please fix this shit, it sucks.

I don’t know much about models, but they might have to be re-compiled for the new 9-way animation thingy

I know… This problem never happened in Gmod 13, sometimes I wish they kept some of the features Gmod 12 Had