Addon reported and removed

Recently i uploaded my new released train model pack on
Immediatly after uploading, there was a banner saying that my pack has been reported and deemed unsafe. After 2 days or so it was removed. But why? Other than the model files, spawnlists and a read me file, there was only SVN stuff inside so people could update the pack whenever i do.

Somebody’s AV probably registered the SVN stuff as a virus or something (Comodo doesn’t play well with TortiseSVN for instance, always flags it, for me) and reacted “hastily”. But to be honest, I understand where they’re coming from. I wouldn’t trust an auto-updater (I’m assuming that’s what you mean by SVN stuff) that didn’t come directly from the developers either… no offense, it just isn’t safe computing practice… This is all assumption, I just noticed you’d gone 5 days and no reply, figured I’d swing a bat at it.

Anything with SVN folders are AUTOMATICALLY deemed unsafe and removed by the upload system. This is because SVN is auto-update, therefore someone could just update the folder and implant a virus for whoever installed it.

Remove the SVN stuff inside and re-upload, it will work fine then.