Addon Requests

Hello everyone, before I start let me say this, I DO NOT KNOW IF REQUESTING ADDONS IS OK OR NOT, I just didn’t know where else to go to request these addons, alright, I just wanted to know if someone could make these mods

1: Smod: CSS SCI FI style blood, giant blood drops painting the wall red (I could probably just take the blood and blood lua files out of my CSS SCI FI folder and put them in my gmod folder)

2: Smod: Tactical style bullet hits, what I mean is, when you shoot someone in this Smod the bullet goes THROUGH the npc and you see an entry AND an exit wound, I would like this in Gmod (since Smod Tactical is broken)

3: Different dying animations for NPCs, I mean TF2 has it why not gmod, kind of like a headshot dying animation; smg dying animation; crowbar (or other melee) dying animation; ect.


Well anyway, if you are reading this part that means you read my thread to the end, thank you and please tell me what you thought of my requests or if you will actually try and do these addons, THANX 4 REEDING!!!