Addon Splitter - split large addons into many smaller

Binaries for Windows, source compilable under Linux & Mac.

Why should I be interested?
Ever wanted to split larger addons into smaller parts, either for your convenience of uploading on a slow connection or to get around the small addon size limits. Finding the process to hard to upload? Want it all done in one swift process? Well if you aren’t asleep already this may be of use to you.

When publishing addons to the workshop, it has not been clear what file limit restrictions they impose. I heard they bumped it up to 200mb from 100mb, but due to my slow upload speed, my limit is around 12mb uncompressed data before it gives up. Anyway, the limit is uncompressed files, making it very tedious to split and making a large addon into the smallest amount of parts possible. This is where this program comes in, for me I’m releasing a whole lot of resources with the imposed 50mb limit, I need to split over a gb of files into parts.

Is it be easy to use
It depends what you’re used to, it’s a command line program. There is an example which just works, coping your information over this will work.

What form will this be available
There will be precompiled binaries just for Windows as my time is limited, I may or someone else can pre-compile for their distros. I may just do Ubuntu Raring x64.

The source code is a Codeblocks project which uses MinGW on Windows and GCC on Linux/Mac. I’ll also provide the libraries used and compiler for all the lazy people who don’t want to set up the environment.

It depends on compiled boost libraries and a compilable header file feather-ini-parser. To all those Visual Studio people out there, consider making cross-platform code.

Why don’t you just use an archiver program to split it into smaller files?
The files have to remain in their raw form, due to the way it handles addons.

Why are you so good looking compared to me?
Oh, stop being so modest.

Download Executable v1
Download Source

It comes with an example addon which will split, turn into a GMA and then upload to the workshop. Please configure the config.ini information to your information otherwise it won’t work. Deleting the gmodbin entry in the config will search both program files directory as this is the default path.

How does it work? Does it grab files up to a quota and when its reached it creates a new addon?

You basically give it a filesize limit for each addon file and it’ll designate the raw files up to that limit for each slice in their own folder, generating an addon.json. Give it a try, there’s an example, load up a huge file and split it into 50mb parts.

It also by default turns it into a .gma file and publishes it to workshop, if the garrysmod bin directory is provided.

For me I split 1.4gb of files into 29x50mb parts.

Doesn’t the workshop have a quota of 1gb per user? Multi-part addons are against the rules anyway.

Per file limitations, these can be 100mb or the newer 200mb or even if you have a slow upload speed, the files will fail if too large. Some peoples connections fail with even 8mb, I highly doubt the rules cover all these uses.

If you put the time and effort into addon which doesn’t fit, what would you do?

I’d stop using the workshop and release my addon as a separate package. Like how things worked well in the past 3-4 or more years.