Addon texture problem

Basicly, when my addon is compiled and mounted, 2 or more textures are not displayed properly.
Compiled & mounted addon displays that flash with sparkly thing but uncompiled (folder) addon displays the texture properly.
First image is compiled and second is compiled.

Anyone know what’s the problem?

Can’t tell the difference.
Perhaps you are missing some file?

No. It can’t be that i’m missing any files. Textures just change whenever i unpack the addon.
Look at top right picture, and you’ll be able to see that there are sparkle like texture on the ground which looks horrendously ugly.

Textures of your addon override any other textures if they are in .gma form. They don’t if they are in addons/

So what you are saying is that if an addon is in a folder form, then it overrides textures?


That’s strange cause nothing should be overriding the existing textures as i removed every single addon except mine. I guess that i have to go through every single texture file (all 329 of them)

Rename materials folder in your garrysmod/garrysmod/ and disable all mods/mounted games and see what happens.

Robot brings up a valid point. If you use fast-dl or the server to process those files; installs hang on to files. If they ever change, fast-dl has no capability to change or update files meaning old ones will always be rendered until a new name is selected.

If it’s through workshop, updates are processed properly; but from the sounds of it, it seems like fastdl…